Meet the Therapist

Hi, I’m Cierra! Mother and wife who enjoys going for walks, swimming, and learning new things with my family. My most recent hobby that i’ve picked up is learning how to paint with watercolors. Here is my story of how I became a massage therapist… 

Growing up, I always wanted to work in the medical field, but never knew what exactly I wanted to do. Then in 2014 I was driving a car full of friends, when for the first time, I experienced what would later be deemed as a terrible migraine. My body was experiencing stroke-like symptoms, so I headed to the hospital. After staying overnight for observation I was discharged because they couldn’t find any other reason for these symptoms. 

I was so frustrated with no answers as to why I was experiencing dizziness, nausea, a loss of appetite because of the nausea, and terrible headaches. After visiting specialist after specialist, my awesome cousin, who is a chiropractor, had me come in for a visit and got me feeling better in a matter of days! I was shocked, but he told me to try to see a massage therapist along with chiropractic care to keep me feeling good. 

 I never realized massage therapists actually helped injured people. I thought they were for fancy people, with fancy money who wanted to be pampered. But, as I went to visit massage therapists for my injured neck and back, I started falling in love with how massage made me feel. 

 Everyone needed to experience this! 

In 2015 I started my schooling at UCMT, graduated and was licensed in 1016. Since then I have worked for very talented chiropractors until 2019, when I decided to start my own business working with those who have a very active lifestyle. Many of my clients are athletes who are needing to recover from injury or are wanting to maintain mobility throughout their body.